Welcome to the Remote Visualization Service


  • 05.07.2021: On 14.07.2021 the Remote Visualization Services on DRACO
    will be disabled due to the decommisioning of the cluster. At the same
    time, the remote visualization services will be available for users on
    the RAVEN cluster. Remember to initialize the service on this machine
    before submitting new sessions.
  • 01.03.2021: The 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) process has been
    enforced on the Remote Visualization platform. Users that still have
    to activate the 2FA for their account can do so here.
  • 04.08.2020: A new anaconda module (2020.02) is available for Jupyter
    sessions. In order to use it, select Python 3.7 (anaconda/3/2020.02)
    in the Software section of the "submit new session" page.
  • 07.07.2020: During the maintenance of the DRACO and COBRA clusters,
    the following RVS-related packages have been updated:
    - libjpeg-turbo (v2.0.5)
    - TurboVNC (v2.2.5)
    - VirtualGL (v2.6.4)
  • 17.04.2020: The new version of the Remote Visualization Service is now
    available! Please, remember to re-initialize your password before using
    the new services. Find more information here.
  • 06.04.2020: in April 2020 the remote visualization website will be updated
    with a new web interface and new services like "Remote desktop" and
    "Jupyter Notebooks".